Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pic-Tac-Toe (3rd edition)

I feel a little inadequate right now. Sure, I have the following Pic-Tac-Toe to share, my third so far, and have two more on deck. But after Shakespeare Teacher unleashed his phenomenal 3-D puzzle a few days ago... I mean, how do you follow that? I did my best and only solved less than half of the dang thing.

Below you will find 9 images in a 3x3 format. Each row, column, and diagonal has a distinct theme. That's 8 themes total.

(Click to enlarge. Make your guesses in the comments.)

SOLVED! Bill of Shakespeare Teacher does it again, but it took a little longer this time. He got all 8 themes and came up with a nice alternate theme for the middle column. Check the comments for the answers.


Bill said...

Very nicely done! That picture of the ferry has me stymied in both directions. Perhaps this is your revenge for the pretzel.

Here are my guesses - and note that I waited until the afternoon.

Top Row: We're number one! (First among sequels, First Families, Jersey #1)

Center Row: Ice (Ice, Ice Cube, Ice Pops)

Bottom Row: New York (Manhattan, Staten Island Ferry, I am in New York looking at this picture of a book cover)

Left Column: Jasper (Jasper Fforde, Jasper from the Simpsons, Manhattan Jaspers) - Nice one!

Center Column: Modes of transportation (Whatever that is chasing the F4, Car, Ferry)

Right Column: Red, White and Blue (Jersey, Ice Pop, Ribbon)

Slash: Numbered Sports Jerseys

Backslash: Days of the Week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Neel Mehta said...

Thanks for waiting until the afternoon. You are a marvel of restraint.

As you might expect, you have 6 themes correct. I don't know what's chasing the Fantastic Four either, but there's a more appropriate theme for the middle column. And you're on the right track for the bottom row, but I'll need an answer that's more firmly grounded.

Bill said...

Bottom Row: New York (Manhattan, Staten Island Ferry, The quote on the book cover is from the New York Sunday Times Book Review).

Center Column: Figures who bear the number 4 (Fantastic Four emblem, Number 4 Jersey, July IV on the tablet of the Statue of Liberty).

slskenyon said...

Unfortunately, my guesses would require that I know more about the content of the films displayed, which I do not--but this is a very interesting puzzle.

Neel Mehta said...

Alternate answer credit for the middle column. I was going for something completely different, but that works too.

Still not quite there on the bottom row. But you're not wrong. I didn't know about the NYT Book Review. I'll admit that this is the most difficult one, but everything you need is in the images.

Bill said...

Bottom Row: New York Islands (Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island)

Center Column: Torches (Human Torch, Flame held by Ice Cube, Statue of Liberty Torch)

Neel Mehta said...

Well done! And the puzzle is complete.

For the record:

Top Row: FIRST (novel First Among Sequels, "First Family," first NFL draft pick)

Center Row: FROZEN AISLE (Freezer geezer, Ice Cube, Popsicle)

Bottom Row: NYC ISLANDS (Manhattan, Staten, Long)

Left Column: JASPER (Author Jasper Fforde, Jasper Beardley from The Simpsons, a Manhattan Jasper)

Middle Column: TORCH (Human Torch, torch lighter, Lady Liberty's torch)

Right Column: RED, WHITE, AND BLUE (Texans jersey and suit, Firecracker popsicle, book ribbon)

159 (\) Diagonal: DAYS OF THE WEEK (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

357 (/) Diagonal: ATHLETIC JERSEYS (Houston #1, generic #4, Manhattan #23)

K-Lyn said...

Again I was on vacation and missed this. I'm so glad I had that excuse though because they are getting harder! I thought I'd get better at them.