Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's an abomination!

My divinity dissertation topic: Does Leviticus 18:22 refer to the forthcoming film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry?

After seeing an advanced screening on Monday, I could argue the point either way. That's because the movie is careful not to be specifically offensive to gays, but not so careful as to avoid offending moviegoers. While funny in places, it's a disjointed mess, with a pair of leads (Kevin James and Adam Sandler) that make the least convincing homosexuals ever.

I suppose that's part of the humor. Chuck (Sandler) and Larry (James) enter into a domestic partnership for -- insert noble financial insurance cause here -- and have to avoid being caught by the city's fraud expert (Steve Buscemi, making a nice side career out of these Sandler comedies). They slip into universal tolerance mode and, by example, enable others to do the same. Most notable is a fellow firefighter played by Ving Rhames, who is able to come out of his hardened, ax-wielding shell and perform his own version of Take Me Out in the middle of the movie.

I'm not sure what Jessica Biel was doing here -- particularly as the title couple's lawyer -- but I have an idea of her purpose after hearing some exasperated male sighs during certain undressed moments. Still, her subplot with Sandler's character made little sense to me, and I wasn't terribly fond of the film's resolution.

In an Adam Sandler movie, you know you're in for a few sightings of his friends: Rob Schneider, Allen Covert, David Spade. In a word, eh. Much better were the less expected cameos, and there are a handful. I'll only spoil one: in a wordless, gesture-filled scene, Dave Matthews is awesome.

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Mainline Mom said...

As much as I enjoy Dave Matthews' music, I enjoy seeing him on film/TV even more. He recently played a patient on one of those doctor dramas...was it House or Grey's? I was all, "Hey! That's Dave Matthews!!!" and he was pretty good.

Some Sandler movies I find really great, most not so much, although I enjoy them when the are rebroadcast on TV.