Monday, May 14, 2007

Flat Stanley visits the Luxor

People who regularly visit Las Vegas often have a favorite casino. For adults, this may mean the place where they win the most money by gambling, or where the hotel rooms are the nicest, or where they receive the best customer service. For kids and Flat Stanley, however, it's an easy choice: go to the giant black pyramid with the sphinx and the pointy tower in the front.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is unique because visitors can avoid the casino floor altogether if they don't want to gamble. (In many others, you have to walk through the casino to see everything else the place has to offer.) After we parked, we entered a hallway that advertised some of the shows appearing at the Luxor nightly.

Oh no, not Carrot Top! The loudmouthed comedian that carries a big trunk of funny props was too scary for Flat Stanley, so he closed his eyes.

Much better was the view of the pool, available only to guests of the hotel. You can see part of the pyramid in the background.

The Luxor is decorated with Egyptian-style art, both on the outside...

... and inside. Even guests at other casinos take the time to visit the Luxor just to see its impressive sights. Flat Stanley decided to pose with a few. (Click the picture below to see a larger version.)

Looks like he's at home in this last photo, doesn't he?

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