Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ask me about my Waner

(Author's note: I thought I'd wait until the regular season ends this weekend before seeding the best men's college hoops teams. So this one goes out to all the ladies.)

Duke finished their regular season 29-0 after sweeping UNC. There is no downside to having a top ranked and undefeated team, but I'll admit I've paid less attention to the rest of the women's teams because they live in Duke's rear view mirror. With the conference tourneys underway, this would be a good time to address that.

Greensboro Regional
1. Duke: Won't leave the state until the Final Four.
2. George Washington: Lost only at Maryland and Tennessee.
3. Purdue: With a RPI of 5, they could get a 2 seed.
4. Middle Tennessee State: Murfreesboro's in the house!

Dayton Regional
1. Ohio State: Senior playmaker Brandie Hoskins out for season.
2. North Carolina: Senior playmaker Ivory Latta has something to prove.
3. Georgia: Will they ever emerge from Tennessee's shadow?
4. Wisconsin-Green Bay: Give the Cheeseheads something to do.

Dallas Regional
1. Tennessee: One year in advance, I did pick them to win it all.
2. Maryland: Harder to play with a target on your back.
3. Oklahoma: Courtney Paris & Co. were swept by Texas A&M.
4. Bowling Green: Held Duke to season-low 55 points.

Fresno Regional
1. Connecticut: Ho-hum. Another stomp through the Big East.
2. Stanford: Is All-American Candice Wiggins good to go?
3. Vanderbilt: Get the nod over LSU after beating them.
4. N.C. State: Because the ACC is just that good.


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