Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Inside baseblah (2006)

The regular season is over, and at last I can start paying attention to baseball. You know, if I wanted. Which I might. I don't know.

You can see how I did with my predictions last year. Surely I can't do any worse, right? Well, let's find out.

Dodgers over Mets. Padres over Cardinals. Yankees over Tigers. Twins over Athletics. (M)all of America celebrates as the Twins triumph over the Dodgers in the Fall Classic.

Let it go, New York: it's only going to be a Subway Series if Jared is out there selling sandwiches.


K-Lyn said...

You are so close to my predictions but I expect to see the Twins beat the Padres...in game 6.

But I can't beat your subway comment. I must simply concur.

Mariam said...

I hope the Twins win...I already have tickets to the World Series if they do!!!!!