Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Spinach alfredo

Last weekend I was at the Olive Garden. I noticed the listing of sauces for the Never Ending Pasta Bowl no longer included spinach alfredo. It wasn't crossed out. There was no sticker over it. Just a blank space where the words "spinach alfredo" used to be. Gotta credit the menu editors on working quickly during this E.coli mess. Hospitaliano takes a back seat to litigatiano.

Story 69 September
orders farfalle for formal occasions.

He gazed downward as he spoke. “My first time
wasn’t all that typical. She also worked in the
factory. Few years older, had lips that went on for
days. After hours we’d wandered into the area
where they mixed the shoe polish and…”

He looked up and saw 99 other souls in the room,
transfixed. It was not how he’d imagined it, but the
freshman Senator had the floor.