Thursday, September 14, 2006

My secret VJ crush

In 1996, MTV started an all-video spinoff, then called M2. It wasn't part of my cable lineup in St. Louis then, but I made an effort to watch it elsewhere if I had access. One reason was the music video genre, which was still relevant then. But the main reason was Jancee Dunn.

Oh, Jancee. An energetic and witty music journalist, she was given free reign to introduce videos and basically be herself. This was back when the MTV networks still liked their VJs to know about music. Now the on-air personalities are high-pitched skinny models, and those are just the guys.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Mostly Modern Media reported that Jancee Dunn had written a book and kept a blog, and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd forgotten about her. (I stopped watching videos, and probably replaced her in my affections with Tina Fey. Sorry, Jancee.)

While I am not a Jersey girl myself, last I checked, her nostalgic remembrances hit home for me. She alternates between her personal history and her experiences as a celebrity interviewer. Surprisingly, both are equally interesting. Don't believe me? Read the first 8 pages and tell me you aren't hooked.

And it's not just about the nostalgia; Jancee's a compelling writer, and I look forward to her future efforts. After the past month, when I didn't feel like reading, blogging, or watching sneak previews, her book came along at exactly the right time.

Story 69 September tells no tales. Well, besides these.

In the old chemistry lab after hours, two seniors opted
for extra credit. If a Geiger counter measured pheromonal
activity, they’d start experimenting just to stop the damn

He focused on her lips, she believed. She glossed her
apparatus and tested her hypothesis by pressing them
against a flask, breathing out. Before long they engaged
in the scientific method.

Man, sex between science majors can be really hot.


Quinn said...

Have you told EJ?

bdure said...

Did you see her MTV2 gag reel?

Yeah, I can't fault you for that crush.

Neel Mehta said...

quinn: About my VJ crush, or about sex between science majors? I'm only speculating about the latter. As you know, English majors do it in verse, then deconstruct the experience later.

bdure: That gag reel is the cutest thing. I know she's married, but it made me fall into crush all over again.