Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The titleholder

Remember when I triumphed in the Word Verifictionary Contest over at The Columnist Manifesto, and then won the Say What? caption contest at The Film Experience? ("No" is fine. I link to the past so you don't have to remember.) Well, I repeated both feats last week, as you can see here and here. That photo is from this summer's Miami Vice. Interestingly, my winning verifiction also describes Colin Farrell.

It's hard work being this good.


Mainline Mom said...

Go you. It seems though, that you are much too addicted to the WV game.

Quinn said...

Yet you do it with such grace!

Asian Provocateur said...

neel -- why are you on the law route. i think your true calling is comedian or culture critic.

Tonya said...

We have contests over at The Tonya Show too. Bet you didn't know that. And I even give out prizes.

Maybe you should give it a try sometime.