Thursday, February 23, 2006

New seedlings

Significant movement since last week. LSU, Kansas, and UNC replace Florida, West Virginia, and N.C. State. I've been moving the top seeds around various regionals, but expect Duke and Villanova to be on the same side of the bracket come Selection Sunday, as both will be kept separate from Connecticut.

Washington Regional
1. Villanova: Looking to sweep the Huskies Sunday.
2. Tennessee: Speaking of sweeps, nice job on Florida.
Kansas: Finally, a challenger in the Big 12.
4. UNC: Defending champs can play the underdog card.

Atlanta Regional
1. Duke: Nice test at Temple this weekend.
2. Gonzaga: It's the regional final everyone wants.
3. Pittsburgh: Backyard Brawl resumes Monday.
4. Iowa: Head to head, still the 3rd best team in Iowa.

Minneapolis Regional
1. Memphis: Maybe they'll look sharp against UAB.
2. Ohio State: No need to wait until next year.
George Washington: Still don't deserve a 2 seed.
4. LSU: My darkhorse Final Four pick is starting to rise.

Oakland Regional
1. Connecticut: Frontcourt no match for Will Sheridan.
2. Texas: Stop playing teams whose names start with "Oklahoma."
UCLA: Lose, then win; another ho-hum week in the Pac-10.
4. Illinois: Still top 10, and kinda overrated.

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