Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ground rules

My agent -- you know, the fictional one -- has reminded me that the best bloggers tend to concentrate on certain themes so that their devoted readers will get a sense of who the bloggers really are. Still having a hard time labeling myself as a "blogger" (don't we merit a classier name?), I thought long and hard about marking my territory. I can't write about everything, mostly because I don't care. At the same time, I have to expand my areas of discussion beyond "college basketball, law, and college basketball law." So I've decided to set some ground rules.

1. No celebrity namedropping.
I live in Las Vegas, and while everyone famous seems to spend their weekends here, I don't run into them. Celebrity hobnobbing is just not my scene. I didn't pay a visit to Keira Knightley while she was at the Stratosphere filming the climax to her bounty hunter film Domino. I saw the flyer, but chose not to try out to be an extra for Lucky You, the upcoming film pairing Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore. And I'm not about to tell you about the time I crashed karaoke night at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay and almost spilled my mojito on Seth Green, who was the second biggest star in the room that night, after the capuchin monkey from ABC Family's new reality show Las Vegas Garden of Love.

2. No frontal nudity -- male or female.
This seems only fair. Call me crazy, but while baring it all may sometimes be necessary to advance the story, in a blog it may come across to a few readers as gratuitous. (Backside nudity remains fair game.)

3. No speculation, broad or narrow.
Look, I know that some of you out there need a Vegas insider to provide you with hot tips so that you can speed out of Ann Arbor and head to the Leelanau Sands Casino in Peshawbestown to make that knee-saving bet. (Hypothetically.) But you won't find that here. I don't know who'll win the World Series this fall or the Best Actress Oscar next year. I will say that the NBA postseason, all three months of it, is fixed.

That seems like enough for now, but I am open to suggestions. I want this blog to be different. Do my faithful readers know of any blog cliches that they'd like me to avoid?

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