Monday, September 12, 2005

The television horizon

As promised here, I have taken whole minutes out of my day to piece together the offerings of the new fall TV season and explain what I'll most likely be watching. You should know that, based on my viewing habits of the past, I tend to ignore an entire night of television if there's not at least 2 shows worth watching regularly. What will you watch?

(Click on each day to see a nice color-coded grid that someone else took the time to make.)


I've been told by various media outlets that The West Wing is good again, with Hawkeye Pierce and Senator Bail Organa vying to replace Charlie and Emilio's dad. Eh. At 8 I'll stick with Charmed, which replaced ER a few seasons ago as the worst show I still watch. (A real honor.) Then on to Desperate Housewives at 9 and Grey's Anatomy at 10, although I usually don't bother staying up for the latter. I'm such a little girl.

If I happen to lose interest in Desperate Housewives this season, I can see my Sunday viewing habits disintegrating.


As someone who never watched a first-run episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, I can safely say that I haven't paid close attention to a Monday night of TV in well over a decade. That's about to change. I'm keen on the conflict between How I Met Your Mother and Kitchen Confidential at 8:30. I've seen the pilot for the former; it's not bad, but it's a little too Jack & Bobby in its narration. This choice between two new sitcoms will be a non-issue come January, when House moves here.

Then at 9: Prison Break. I've already seen four episodes and I'm locked in. It's a pity that Two and a Half Men (a rare funny laughtrack comedy) will be sacrificed, but not much of one. At 10? Nothing special, and the same can be said all week. Once I get a job I'll have no trouble going to bed early.


At least until January I can watch the two best-written shows on TV back to back: Gilmore Girls and House. Once the latter moves I might turn to Supernatural or My Name is Earl. I'm not sold on Commander-in-Chief, and would've looked forward to Boston Legal a lot more if Rhona Mitra was still there.


Smallville and Alias made this a destination night last season, but now, I'm taking the night off. Related doesn't seem interesting enough to capture my attention, and I'd have to catch up with Veronica Mars or Lost before I gave them a try.


Oh, so very unfair. NBC has fallen and CBS has risen, and so the other networks smell blood. But only 8pm blood, where Alias, Smallville, and Everybody Hates Chris try to carve out an audience against Joey, The O.C., and Survivor. I'm totally looking forward to seeing which network will be the first to blink and move something to the less competitive 9pm slot, where the only thing I would watch is Reunion. I saw the premiere last week and thought it might be interesting enough to keep watching, given its
music and single-season premise, and maybe because I think the 80's-obsessed Chyler Leigh is kinda cute.

I've also seen the pilot for Everybody Hates Chris, which is funny but has even more of an attention deficit than Malcolm in the Middle. This particular episode came across a series of single-scene riffs that were loosely connected into one day.


With Joan of Arcadia gone, my Friday nights are free. If you need me, I'll be at the club.


I don't care. The networks don't care. Even Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview didn't care.

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K-Lyn said...

Once I finish laughing at the idea of you in a club in Vegas on a friday night I'll tell you that the only shows I'm keen on this season are GG (as always but I usually only catch about a third of a season), Earl (I prefer him as a demon but I'll give this a shot) and Everybody Hates Chris.